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Buffalo Recycling Enterprises (BRE) was developed to provide a recycling solution for Buffalo and the surrounding communities by installing a world class single stream recycling system.

A Single Stream system allows consumers to place all recyclable materials into a single bin at the curb. These materials can then be transported to the plant and be sorted. This eliminates the time-consuming need for residents to separate them at the curb for pickup, and also reduces the pickup time for the trucks to seconds instead of minutes as well as the number of trucks on the street.

Buffalo Recycling will be constructing a recycling education center that will be open for guided tours with school groups, scouts and groups. It is our hope that through our educational programs and community outreach, the awareness and benefits of recycling will grow. We feel it is our job to educate the importance of recycling. We will teach about the whole process, from how it is separated, to what is done with it after it leaves our facility to what it is made into.