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Residential Curbside
BRE uses single stream sorting technology comprised of various mechanized screens, magnets, optical sorting, and other technologies to separate commingled materials collected from municipalities. Studies support that commingled collection has dramatically increased recycling participation where it has been implemented.

The advantages of single stream:
  • The reduction in collection costs
  • Increased efficiency in the sorting process
  • Increased participation
  • Efficiency reduces the dependence on landfills. Our state-of-the-art, "single-stream" recycling system can handle a range of materials - newspaper, cardboard, cans, bottles, milk jugs, cottage cheese containers, pizza boxes and even pots and pans.

    Residential Curbside Recycling inquiries: mailto:ted.osborne@buffalorecycling.com

  • Acceptable Materials:
    • Cardboard & Paper Bags
    • Paperboard
    • Magazines & Catalogs
    • Junk Mail
    • Phone Books
    • Newspaper
    • Kitchen Cookware
    • Steel & Tin Cans
    • Clear Glass
    • Plastic Jugs
    • Aluminum Cans
    • Plastic Jugs/Bottles
    • Household Plastic (#3 - #7)
    • Plastic Bags
    Unacceptable Materials:
    • Paper Milk or Juice Cartons
    • Styrofoam Containers/Packing
    • Garbage
    • Propane Tanks
    • Paint Cans
    • Colored Glass
    • Medical Waste/Syringes (Help protect our workers)
    • Flammable Liquids
    • Household Cleaners
    • Chemicals (Dry or Liquid)
    • Wood Items
    • Concrete
    • Tires
    • Electrical Cords
    • Garden Hose
    • Electrical Cords